CLUB L dress

by Asta Nowarra on / Fashion

Foto 28.07.14 10 09 45 Foto 28.07.14 18 07 57 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Good morning from outside ! Wearing CLUB L

Asta Nowarra

„My body is my avatar that carries me through my journey“ - let it carrie you proud&strong! There are some things in life that aren´t easy to handle. Being a „fat“ person is one of them, being socially criticized another one. As a woman wearing more than a size 6 it is already daily routine being judged by other people and the fashion industry, that´s something everyone of us already experienced. Society is giving us a tough time celebrating our flaws, our curves and everything else that isn´t standard, but fortunately lots of minds are changing and being „PLUS“ doesn´t...

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