JUNAROSE Gift: Jersey Dress

by Asta Nowarra on / Fashion

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This wonderful grey jersey-dress by JUNAROSE   was delivered yesterday as a gift by Junarose for the winner of their #junarosemyway challenge, which was obviously me 😉 yayyyyyyyyy!!
In this challenge is about to show the Junarose-Team how you wear their garments in your every day life and with a bit of luck you could be the winner 😉 Just use the hashtag #junarosemyway on your Instagrampicture featuring your Junarose chlothes!

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Thas jersey-dress is already one of my favourites, because it is incredibly comfy, it´s the perfect length to also wear it without thighs and it is perfect to combine in such different styles! (A „How to Combine“ post is defenetly in the making!!)
Today I combined it very easy and casual wearing my favourite and walking-on-clouds-like NEW BALANCE  sneaks, H&M belt, thighs, trenchcoat and metallic clutch to give it some little extra WOW 😉

BTW: times right now are super exciting for me, involving moving out, new job and reunion with friends <3<3<3
So stay tuned for more on that 😉



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