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At the beginning of this month I was honored by being featured in PLUS Model Magazine´s  9th anniversary Issue !
Seing myself next to those gorgeous babes such as Stina, Cynthia, Margot or Thera  – I felt quite overwhelmed!
Thank you PLUS Model Magazine for making myself being proud of what I´m doing!


„Fierce and confident plus size fashion is long overdue because women of all shapes and sizes are allowed to dress and feel sexy
by expressing themselves through fashion.
Being a plus size fashion blogger means being a big part of introducing a new and powerful idea of beauty to the fashion worl!
Empowering women all over the world to embrace their bodies and show their very own way of confidence, also through fashion,
is something that pushes me to not give a damn about any beauty standards at all!“
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Asta Nowarra

„My body is my avatar that carries me through my journey“ - let it carrie you proud&strong! There are some things in life that aren´t easy to handle. Being a „fat“ person is one of them, being socially criticized another one. As a woman wearing more than a size 6 it is already daily routine being judged by other people and the fashion industry, that´s something everyone of us already experienced. Society is giving us a tough time celebrating our flaws, our curves and everything else that isn´t standard, but fortunately lots of minds are changing and being „PLUS“ doesn´t...

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