RolyPoly, Who ?!

Hey, my name is Asta, I´m a 30 year old Design & Fashion Assistant from Germany and I am FAT 🙂

My adicction to fashion started in my early childhood when my sister and I played dressing up with my mom´s clothes and fortunately she´ve had a lot of cool stuff. groing older this path became more and more clear to me.

I grew up in a small town in Germany and I´ve always been „the one“ everyone knew and everyone was staring at because of my tattoos, my curly hair and my decision wearing chlothes I LIKE and I feel COMFORTABLE, GOOD and like MYSELF.
Completely ignoring the „Do´s“ and „Don´ts“ of fashion, even for a fat girl, I love wearing what I want, eventhough there are still people who think that fashion is a matter of size, which absolutely ISN´T !

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