Tutu trouble

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Well I’m not saying that tulle skirts are new to the fashion world but I’m still obsessed with this trend !

The reason is probably because it makes me feel like a girl and all cute but also it´s the perfect item to hide your belly lol
Not that I’m having a problem with my belly but sometimes it’s nice to look like a cute cupcake but still be able to leave your stomach ganging as it is, you know what I mean
And for everyone who thinks that people here in Berlin would be more open minded to a fat girl looking like a chubby ballerina- well you’re mistaking – they still stare but if I’m totally honest with you, I just love it when I make people stare
So I don’t care if tulle skirts will ever go out of trend – I’ll always love and wear them !


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Tulle Skirts by Happy Size , Studio Untold and DIY

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Fashion Week/Curvy fashion fair Berlin 2016

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So this week has been exciting!!
Berlin celebrated the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and while skinny hipsters and fashion babes were walking the streets of areas like Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg, the Plus Size community had time to share style and fashion at the Curvy is Sexy Fashion Fair
Having a part of the fashion week to ourselves is nice (because although lots of things have changed in the plus size industry there are still girls who feel more free can comfortable between fellow fatties) but I personally would prefer us rocking the non plus size Fashion week in our cute outfits and chubby bodies next to every other fashion interested person as well. But we´ll get there – I´m sure 😉

I started my day at the Hilton Hotel with a blogger brunch sponsored by Ulla Popken / Studio Untold which was great to finally some of the other girls I haven´t had the chance to meet until then. Lovely Verena from Studio Untold gave us a preview of the new collection and we had time to try on some of the new items <3 And I´m certain we all fell head over heels in love with the green long blouse Studio Untold
Although I was a bit disappointed by the choice of „plus size“ models – who weren´t actually plus sized – it was fun to meet so many friends, fellow blogger and new people!
Unfortunately most brands were not really my cup of tea basically just because they still seemed to follow the stigma of plus size by being mostly kinda conservative and frumpy BUT as there is always a silver lining less than a hand full designers really nailed it!!
My absolute attention and heart fell for the wonderful Designer Olivier Wartowsky, who is such a humble and cute curly dude with an amazing sense for fashion and how to dress curves in a very feminine and chique way <3 Datei 22.01.16, 20 24 35
Designer like Mable, Sheego and Adam Brody were my personal highlight this year! Im actually still a bit disappointed that Junarose and Zizzi were nowhere to be found but i guess they had their reasons not to attend 😉
Nevertheless it was fun to be with so many gorgeous girls and to be able to feel like a 100 bucks in my H&M Bodysuit combined with my Happy Size tulle skirt (again thank you Andrea <3 <3) - I call the outfit "Boob-Alert" 😀 Datei 22.01.16, 20 24 09 Datei 22.01.16, 20 28 14
Obviously this day has not been the only exciting thing this week – more infos about a new projekt I´m very happy to be a part of will follow soon – so far : I´ll be on the catwalk again 😀 <3 <3

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PLUS Model Magazine featured

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At the beginning of this month I was honored by being featured in PLUS Model Magazine´s  9th anniversary Issue !
Seing myself next to those gorgeous babes such as Stina, Cynthia, Margot or Thera  – I felt quite overwhelmed!
Thank you PLUS Model Magazine for making myself being proud of what I´m doing!


„Fierce and confident plus size fashion is long overdue because women of all shapes and sizes are allowed to dress and feel sexy
by expressing themselves through fashion.
Being a plus size fashion blogger means being a big part of introducing a new and powerful idea of beauty to the fashion worl!
Empowering women all over the world to embrace their bodies and show their very own way of confidence, also through fashion,
is something that pushes me to not give a damn about any beauty standards at all!“
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by Asta Nowarra on / Body Positive

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Since I remember I´ve had this big issue about eating something in front of people.

There was this time, I guess I was about 4 or 5 years old, where my grandparents invited a friend for dinner and I couldn´t eat although I was almost starving (well – it felt like 😉 ) – so, after dinner, I sat in the kitchen on my own and I was finally able to eat.
This habbit ran like a common thread through my life and became a big problem, because it was also a struggle for me to eat something in front of my boyfriends at that time or someone I liked, I couldn´t go out for breakfasts with the family or friends, brunch including a buffet was impossible for me to handle and at some point of time even grocery shopping started being uncomfortable.
Although I was being hungry like hell and my tummy was noticeable rumbling, I just picked something small to eat ( maybe a small salad or just a banana at the supermarket ) when I saw that I was not the only one eating or shopping there.
At a certain point I started not just feeling hungry but also being frustrated, because I was so disappointed, mad and angry at myself for not being able to think „FUCK OFF!!! I´m gonna eat a pizza and a chocolate brownie whenever I WANT TO!

I felt like everyone was watching me while I was eating, while I put food on my plate at the buffet, while I ordered my meal at a fast food restaurant or while I just put my grocery on the cash desk.
Being creative I also started creating some cover-stories every time I ordered something at a fast food restaurant – I acted like my friend/collegue or anyone else gave me their order too, so I took a piece of paper and wrote down my order, I went to the counter and read it to the cashier – sometimes I added an „oh .. I dont know, just make it a coke, because I´m not sure what he wants to drink“ just to sound convincing…

Each time I finished my little „play“ and came home to eat, I felt more and more like a fool. Like an idiot who´s not even able to order food! I was just to scared what people might think of me when they see me eating or buying my grocery. Those people, which I either barely knew or most of the time not at all, stuck in my head, it kept me from something essential and from something everyone just should enjoy!

During a therapy in 2011 I learned to deal with this topic the hard way : like a shock-therapy I was being forced to go out – to buy something to eat (like a burger or a pretzel) and not just eat it in front of people but additionally to make eye-contact while eating my food! the worst thing I could imagine!

But nothing happened! No one cared about what I ate, how I ate it and what I was doing there! It really was a big relief – like something heavy was taken off my shoulders and something delicious was put into my tummy 😉

What I mainly learned from this whole eating-trip was, that you should not care about what other people might say or think!!

You should not forbid yourself to enjoy something ( as long as it doesn´t hurt anyone ), to wear something you find pretty, to look like you want to look or to eat what you want to eat, as long as you treat yourself and your body with respect and health!

Other peoples opinions ´mean nothing because they are not living your life, they don´t know what you´ve been through and where you want to go.


STAY POSITIVE – at least try your best <3



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The Fall of Plus Size Clothing

by Asta Nowarra on / Fashion

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Well it´s not like I´m super happy about the weather changing but I have to go with the flow and tbh I always LOVED fall-colours!
I have tons of chlothes including bright colours and fancy prints but my favorite ones are still the warm earth tones, which are now perfect for fall season!
Each time I enter a store I automatically gravitade towards colours like marroon, beige, chocolate, taupe,pearl gold, black, dark orange or a dark purple  ( a list of various colour shades HERE  ) because in my opinion fall-colours are combinable with eachother and with bright colours like pink or yellow in a wonderful way!
So for everyone who´s complaining about the dull tones of autumn – why not spice things up with a bright yellow swetashirt or a luminous bright red belt, hah 😉 ?!


<3 love


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