101 Bikini-Babes

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that was the slogan of Stina´s (better known as FATSHIONPEEPSHOW  ) wonderful project about embracing your curves, showing yourself, being positive about your own body and NOT GIVING A FUCK!

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Fall Outfit – Leather and Flowers

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Looking at the weather I assume the summer here in Germany is over and fall starts spreading his chilled arms around each and everyone.
The F/W season already hanging in the stores and the left overs of summer-sale are more than tenuous  so I guess we could call is oficially FALL 🙁
It´s my first time being in Berlin since I moved back to my hometown in December 2013, although I concider Berlin as my home much more, becuase I grew up here – figuratively speaking. Here in Berlin I learned a lot, I went through a lot and most of the time life was not shugarcoated to be honest. But I missed it. Because Berlin is LIFE!

Long story short : I´m back in Berlin, job-hunting and as the chilled weather overwhelmed Germany within the last week, I decided to go for this wonderful ASOS CURVE  floral dress to add some colour to the cloudy sky 😉 Combined with a leather jacket by MUUBAA and my alltime favorite leather ankle-boots by H. BY HUDSON  everything is warm and cosy 🙂 Tights by H&M´s Big and Beautyful LE and the belt to show a bit of a waist (the dess is pretty loose so I´d suggest wearing a belt with it to not look like a house-wife ) and DONE !

The colours of brown, black, dark green and red are a perfect match for fall! You could even combine it with a bit of gold and some deep orange tones 🙂

Happy Fall-Season to all of you – try to make the best out of it 😉

<3 Love


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JUNAROSE Gift: Jersey Dress

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This wonderful grey jersey-dress by JUNAROSE   was delivered yesterday as a gift by Junarose for the winner of their #junarosemyway challenge, which was obviously me 😉 yayyyyyyyyy!!
In this challenge is about to show the Junarose-Team how you wear their garments in your every day life and with a bit of luck you could be the winner 😉 Just use the hashtag #junarosemyway on your Instagrampicture featuring your Junarose chlothes!

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Thas jersey-dress is already one of my favourites, because it is incredibly comfy, it´s the perfect length to also wear it without thighs and it is perfect to combine in such different styles! (A „How to Combine“ post is defenetly in the making!!)
Today I combined it very easy and casual wearing my favourite and walking-on-clouds-like NEW BALANCE  sneaks, H&M belt, thighs, trenchcoat and metallic clutch to give it some little extra WOW 😉

BTW: times right now are super exciting for me, involving moving out, new job and reunion with friends <3<3<3
So stay tuned for more on that 😉



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First things first : not everyone is as selfconfident as it may seem!

It is sunday and to be honest I didn´t feel to well the last days. I know everyone has those days of being in doubts with yourself, your appearance, your choices in life and what you have accomplished so far. I bet even Ella Fitzgerald had those issues 😉
Most people I know or who think knew me, are absolutely convinced that I´m a burst of convidence, fun, good jokes ( I consider myself as a hilarious joke teller and I have proof 😀 ) and positivity.
Well – I am not!
At least not all the time!

Like everyone else I sometimes overthink situations, I sometimes feel like I haven´t accomplished anything in my life so far, I am lovesick like everyone else, probably even more than usual because I´m not the luckiest one when it comes to dates or relationships, but my point is: I do have issues and I do suffer like the rest of you. Maybe in different situations, maybe over different things but the feeling is something we share.

The main thing I´ve leraned over the past couple years and especially months is :

Most of the insecurities you´re carrying around with you is due to other people ( narrow mind/sight of view, bullying, having insecurities themselves) AND because you tend to compare yourself to others!

But comparing yourself to Kate Moss or Dita van Teese won´t bring you very far because you will stop figuring out WHO YOU ARE!

It´s important to have rolemodels but try not to forget what feels good for yourself, what makes you happy, what makes you creative and how you create your own little comfortzone.
Out of experience I know that treating yourself in a respectful and caring way is always a good start of loving yourself. Little things like taking a long shower or bath, listening to your favorite music, putting on some lotion and to come to grips with yourself is an easy step to feel yourself.

Feeling yourself is one of the basic ingredients to more self-confidence because when you know who your are, how you feel and how to find back to yourself in situations where you feel kind of lost and overwhelmed, your world won´t be shattered completely if something bad happens.

Find something you can do, that makes you happy and preferably something that invoves you and your body because that will support the bonds you´ll need to gain more confidence. I personally start doing some nice make up, take my time, meanwhile listening to some good music and have a little photo-shoot by myself and in case I don´t even feel like getting up, I grab a paper and pen to write all the shit down that is circling around inside my head. reding it after some days will remind you of how you coped  this situation, which is also a great success!

Write down the things you already succeeded! Like for example the difficult test at school or living in a different city all by yourself, your family management, how you solved a problem by yourself ( even without asking Google 😉 ) or the jobinterview that went well! Do not forget the little things because every single day there is some small success – you just need to find it!

With all this in your mind, have a confident sunday and try to bond with yourself step by step

<3  love,



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creme Plus Size outfit

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This light and summery outfit is completely by H&M  (besides the necklace – my mom´s and the belt – Primark)
having curly short hair doesn´t leave many options for fancy or girly hairstyles ( unfortunately) but it also has it´s benefits – seeing that I don´t have to clear 30 minutes of the day fpr hair care lol 😀 quick and easy hairwashin process and to pimp this howle hair thing up I´m just using a scarf wrapped around knotting a bow – ET VOILA !

Many girls with thick thighs are suffering from CHUB RUB due to touching thighs when you´re walking and that can be pretty painful and unpleasant. fortunately I´m not having too much of a problem with that, although my thighs are touching but to prevent unnecessary pain and an uncomfortable feeling – having the freedom to wear wonderful dresses and skirts, there are some solutions you should give a shot 🙂

But these I´m gonna present you in another post so stay tuned 😉



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